Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Marketers, Creatives:

Are you overwhelmed by an endless to-do list?

I’m Andrea. I can help you immediately
and long-term.

Hiring a virtual assistant for your small or large business is a critical decision. What you need to stimulate your business growth now and in the future is vital.

You expect your business, your following, your sales, and your clients to grow. Growth means more responsibilities and tasks that you need help with.

I take both small and large projects off your plate, so you have the freedom to do what you do best! My skill sets, expertise, experience, work ethic, people and communication skills work for you as someone who can take on daily or periodic work activities that will stimulate your business growth.

I have 15 years experience in an extraordinary range of VA services. My wheelhouse is the digital and Internet world, with experience in marketing, blogging (including sales blogging), eCommerce, professional web and social media services for law firms, software developers, counselors, medical, dental, restaurants and trade services such as contractors, plumbers, roofers, cabinet makers, and many more fields and industries.

I am always learning in areas where I already have expertise, as well as adding new skills to my roster of service offerings.

What do you need help with today?

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Pinterest Management

Pinterest is a powerful Internet tool to reach potential buyers and clients. It has grown over the years to being a dominant force in Internet marketing and idea-sharing.

In the Internet website world, traffic is the holy grail – traffic to your site means leads, customers, and clients. It’s that basic.

Pinterest is a traffic funnel. It inspires and impels people to visit your website and engage with your business. My virtual assistant Pinterest expertise is here for you – creatively and responsibly.

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Email Management

Email is the pulse of your business. Inquiries, orders, opportunities, ideas, back-and-forths, and knowledge-sharing flow through your inbox daily. It’s a very busy train station, metaphorically, for all things critical, semi-critical or non-critical to your business or interests.

It’s way too easy to get behind, and possibly miss what is vital or positively opportunistic.

My email management expertise works for you in sorting emails in order of importance, filing them in a way that helps you stay organized, responding to customer service requests on your behalf, and, as well, protecting you from spam or hacker emails – a very critical email management responsibility.

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WordPress Design

One of my most advanced skills I bring to clients is WordPress design — building from scratch, including ecommerce sites.

I offer both personalized and dedicated WordPress work along with offer expert maintenance and media/content updates, plugin expertise, site renovation, security solutions, performance enhancements, and much more.

Whether your business model is eCommerce, professional services, marketing, the arts or blogging, choosing to hire a virtual assistant can certainly make a different in your growth and success.

I began my virtual assistant career in 2006, fifteen years ago, in Las Vegas, where I still live. The Internet was quite different then, and the term “virtual assistant” was a little-known job title.

But, I was doing it – working with online clients from all over the country, creating eCommerce, blogs, and professional service sites of all kinds, along with all the outreach and marketing that entails. As the digital universe has evolved over the years, so have my skills and experience.

I invite you read through my website, which features more services I offer. Visit my “Work With Me” pages to learn how I can help you.

You can reach me directly through my Contact page with any custom projects you may have. Or check out the packages I offer. I look forward to working with you.

I’ve worked with Andrea for over 12 years. She’s our go-to website maintenance and design expert (3 websites), email manager, and contributor to our SEO and social media marketing strategy. Always fast. Excellent communicator. She’s a great asset to our team.

Dr. T. Anders

Nutraceuticals eCommerce, Corporate Consultant, Author; Flagler Beach, FL