Welcome to Lesson 6 in my 8-Part series: “Pinterest Marketing for Beginners”.

Learn how to effectively market, build your brand, and sell your products on the world’s #1 visual search engine!

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If you’ve read the previous articles in this series, then congratulations, you now know Pinterest marketing inside and out, and should be ready to start achieving great things!

But if you’re still feeling anxious about diving in, it might help you to see some examples of other brands that have managed to succeed. These companies have largely used the same techniques that I’ve discussed – delivering value to their audience and then linking their pins back to the products and services they sell.

Here are some great examples of top brands and how they’ve worked their magic…


1. Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is recognized for its outstanding beauty products. On Pinterest, this brand shines with equally aesthic branding and Pins.



Benefit Cosmetics on Pinterest



As attested to with 2.5 million monthly viewers on their Pinterest Profile, Benefit Cosmetics excels at tying in their branding in everything they Pin, such as product campaigns, inspirational quotes, and beauty tutorials.

In addition to a recognizable range of pink colors, they also add their logo to most of their organic pins. This is great to boost brand recognition, especially when other users repin their pins!

If you want audiences to start knowing your brand when they see it, take a cue from Benefit and consistently use your font, colors, and logo as a part of your Pinterest strategy.


2. Etsy

Etsy is pretty much the ‘eBay of crafts’, and allows its users to sell all kinds of things they’ve made (of course, the company takes a small cut). Common products to find on Etsy include handmade jewelry, paintings, ornaments and more.

As you can imagine, this is a perfect example of a creative and ‘visual’ brand that is ideally suited to Pinterest.



Etsy on Pinterest



And Etsy has made sure to take full advantage of that fit! They have boards focusing on everything from interior design, to pets, to gardening, to cooking. With over 2.5 million followers, their boards are doing very well and they even allow viewers to easily buy the items that they like.



Pinterest VA Services



3. Swarovski

Swarovski has one board, in particular, that does very well on Pinterest, which is its ‘Wedded Bliss’ board. This board has over 1,500,000 followers and growing.



Swarovski on Pinterest



The board works well because it focuses on the emotions involved in getting married (hence, ‘bliss’) and because it provides useful inspiration for those getting married. At the same time, it relates to their products without being an obviously promotional subject.


4. Mashable

Mashable is a great example of a blog that is doing well on Pinterest.



Mashable on Pinterest



With over 1,500,000 followers, the company works by focusing on the most visually appealing aspects of technology: infographics, apps, and products.


5. L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean has more followers than any other brand currently on Pinterest: that’s over 5,300,000!

They showcase all kinds of outdoors activities, again focusing on the lifestyle that surrounds their products. People want to fill their home feeds with imagery that’s aesthetically appealing and that makes them feel good when they look at it – so keep this in mind as you populate your own boards!



LL Bean on Pinterest



As you can see, all these big brands are using Pinterest in precisely the way I’ve outlined: to share content that people will enjoy viewing and that will promote the lifestyle and value proposition of their products.

Good marketing doesn’t have to be ‘on the nose’ – look for ways to get people excited about your brand and to help them feel inspired and to come up with ideas. If you can do those things, then your boards will succeed.

In my next lesson, I’ll lay out a simple 4-step Pinterest marketing plan for beginners.


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5 Brands with Amazing Pinterest Marketing Strategies


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