Welcome to Lesson 8 in my 8-Part series: “Pinterest Marketing for Beginners”.

Learn how to effectively market, build your brand, and sell your products on the world’s #1 visual search engine!

Lesson 1 Why is Pinterest So Powerful? What You Need to Know.

Lesson 2 Pinterest Essentials – Small Business Marketing for Beginners

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Lesson 4:  How to Create a Winning Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 2021

Lesson 5 7 Ways to Take Your Pinterest Marketing to the Next Level

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Lesson 7:  Putting it All Together – Your 4-Step Pinterest Marketing Plan

Lesson 8:  Wrapping It Up: Pinterest Marketing – 13 Do’s & Dont’s

If you’ve been following my 8-part series, you now have everything you need to know to start succeeding on Pinterest!

However, the most important learning will occur ‘on the job’ as you go through the act of posting content and using Pinterest. When you first sign up, it might seem like a complicated platform to begin with, but you’ll quickly find your footing. At that point, it can be a lot of fun!

As some final advice, consider the following ‘dos and don’ts’ to guide you through your Pinterest journey…



Do's and Dont's



1.   DO Make sure that all your content is offering real value for your followers.

2.   DO Add useful descriptions to anything you upload.

3.   DO Pick the right tags!

4.   DON’T Just try to sell products!

5.   DO Set up useful ‘automated’ systems to save you time.

6.   DON’T Rely on these though, or you’ll end up with a lot of random content.

7.   DO Think about how articles you write for your blog post will work on Pinterest.

8.   DON’T Post irregularly and leave your account looking barren.

9.   DON’T Just rely on repining – add your own unique content!

10. DO Upgrade to a business account.

11. DO Verify your website so that you can see analytics.

12. DO Include social sharing buttons on your content.

13. DON’T Think that Pinterest is less important than other social media sites!

And while we’re at it, let’s consider some cool ideas for things you can do with Pinterest, which will hopefully leave you with a bit of inspiration before you get started.



Pinterest VA Services



Designing Your Website or Logo

A great way to understand Pinterest is to try using it yourself – not as a marketer.

When designing your website or logo, you can use a Pinterest board to collect images that you like the looks of and that you think will inspire the artistic direction that you plan to implement.



Pinterest Logo Design



You’ll find this really helps to bring everything together into a cohesive design at the end. This initial groundwork will prove useful when you’re trying to appeal to other users with your own content.


Bodyweight Exercises

If you have a fitness blog, then using it to share bodyweight exercises is a great idea.



Pinterest Fitness Post



This allows you to provide genuinely useful tips through just a single image, short video clip, or Idea Pin.


Eye Candy

Some people love staring at pictures of beautiful holiday locations, other people love looking at stunning cars.



Pinterest Beautiful Location Pins



Sometimes creating a board that’s all about making us salivate is a perfect way to get fans – and as you’re building up the desire factor, it will be great when it comes to selling!


Life Hacks

People love life hacks and Pinterest is one of the big reasons for this! Try posting tips that you can convey in a single image, short video clip, or Idea Pin.



Pinterest Life Hack Pin



Life hacks can be applied to pretty much any niche whether it’s ‘gardening’ life hacks or ‘organizing’ life hacks!



Motivational memes are popular online and can apply to a range of different topics.



Pinterest Motivational Pins



Why not create a board that focuses on motivational images and text relating to your niche or industry?

Those are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless, so dive in and start experimenting. Good luck and happy pinning! 🎉


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13 Do's and Dont's of Pinterest


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