Email Management

Overwhelmed by email? Inbox management is your ticket to freedom.

Let me tame your inbox, allowing you to spend your time where it’s most useful — on your business!

How long do you spend managing your emails each day? An hour? 30 minutes? A few hours? Maybe half a day?

Although email is designed to facilitate communication, it can become a counterproductive tool when we spend so much time managing it!

Email should be the perfect ally to your business an essential, productive communication tool. Not a pile of unsorted, unanswered, unwanted, sometimes dangerous (hacker or phishing emails) emails that make you worry or procrastinate.

As an Email Manager VA, I can manage all aspects of your email – organizing, triaging critical matters, responding to customer service requests, tagging and sorting, eliminating spam, unsubscribing from unwanted newsletters, determining hacker or phishing dangers, and more.

Are you...

Controlled by your inbox?

Email is dictating your daily to-do list.

Letting fresh leads fizzle?

After a day or two you might as well admit you’re not following up, resulting in loss of potential revenue.

Frustrating your customers?

You don’t like slow responses and neither do they!

Using your inbox as a disorganized to-do list?

Prioritize your to-do list around your daily goals, not by whatever circus decided to send you their monkeys today.

Eliminate stress and overwhelm with an expert Virtual Assistant.

Let's get organized by...


Be the boss of your email (not the other way around!)

Nurturing Leads

Build strong relationships with leads through prompt and helpful responses.

Creating Customer Happiness

Fast, knowledgeable replies convert to customer acquisition and retention (not to mention five-star reviews for your product or service).

Developing Actionable To-Do Lists

No more chaos of letting your day plan itself by whatever pops into your inbox.

What kind of Email Management do you need?

Customer Service Email Management

This is for the online business owner who answers questions from customers (and prospects) on product details or service options. These inquiries are important to your business, but it isn’t important that YOU personally answer these requests.

Inbox Cleanup & Maintenance

This is for the small business owner or the entrepreneur who lives in their inbox. You may have several email addresses delivering to one inbox, or you check multiple inboxes daily. You need help organizing and prioritizing so that nothing is lost AND you are not distracted by the noise of non-essential emails.

Andrea is my number one person for all things marketing, including my all-important email work at Sucess and Aging. I live and breathe on email, and the phone, and Andrea’s services keep my email at peak performance. She can even professionally set up email distribution campaigns. Great to work with.

F. Taye

Success and Aging

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